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You have just taken the first step to reclaiming your life.

"I want help. What do I do first?"

First you need a Screening.

Contact the OSAR office:

 1-(800) 445-8562 or (409) 600-2427

Call the Outreach, Screening, Assessment, & Referral services (OSAR). 

Individuals needing substance abuse services will be scheduled for a screening, either over the phone or in-person, to identify the extent of the substance abuse problem and discuss referral options based on the result of the screening.

OR you can call one of our treatment centers directly.

See the Our Facilities page for more information.

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"What is RECOVERY?"

Recovery is not simply a matter of not using drugs - it is an adjustment to bring back the alignment of body, mind, and spirit.

It's time for a change, a new way of life.
Let us help.

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