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Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA)

Congress enacted the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA) to address the issue of sexual abuse of persons in the custody of U.S. correctional facilities. PREA calls for federal, state, and local corrections agencies and private correctional providers to have a zero-tolerance policy regarding prison rape in prisons, jails, police holding areas, and other correctional confinement facilities. The Act applies to all public and private institutions that house adult or juvenile offenders and to community-based correctional agencies.


Land Manor, Inc has a mandatory zero tolerance for all forms of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment in all its facilities.  Land Manor, Inc will comply with all PREA regulations as required.  

Land Manor

PREA Coordinator

Contact Information

PREA Coordinator Office

 MA/ PREA Coordinator

4655 Collier St.

Beaumont, TX 77706



Land Manor, Inc.  Zero Tolerance Policy 


Third Party Reporting

Third Party Additional Reporting Method(s):

 PREA Ombudsman  Office

PO Box 99 Huntsville, TX 77342-0099


If you wish you can send correspondence by mail or fill out below online form:


Mail a letter to the facility:
Land Manor, Inc,

4655 Collier St.

Beaumont, TX 77706

Online form:

Please complete the following to report allegations of sexual abuse, or sexual harassment through this website.

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Referrals of allegations for investigation
(corresponding to 115.222 PREA)

  1. Land Manor, Inc. shall ensure that all allegations of sexual assault/harassment/assault are referred for investigation to the Beaumont Police Department if the client wishes to provide a report. 

  2. Upon knowledge of allegations, the Program Director/designee or PREA Coordinator shall immediately contact the TDCJ Contract Monitor within 1 hour and the EAC at the direction of the Contract Monitor.  The allegation will also be reported to TDSHS within 24 hours. 

  3. Land Manor, Inc Investigators shall:

    • Ensure that a criminal and/or administrative investigation is completed on all allegations of sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment.

    • Shall fully cooperate in any and all investigations.

    • As requested by local law enforcement, assist in gathering and preserving direct and circumstantial evidence. This may include collecting any available physical and DNA evidence and any available electronic monitoring data.

    • As requested by local law enforcement, may interview alleged victims, suspected perpetrators, and witnesses.

    • Shall  review prior complaints and reports of sexual abuse involving the suspected perpetrator and report those to local law enforcement.

    • Shall cooperate with outside investigators and shall endeavor to remain informed about the progress of the investigation. Land Manor, Inc will be secondary to Beaumont Police Department and TDCJ who will be primary investigators for any and all allegations.

  4. Local law enforcement will take the lead in all criminal investigations and will refer any individual(s) for criminal prosecution.

  5. Land Manor, Inc. shall ensure that a written report is completed for all allegations of sexual abuse/harassment/assault. Staff shall document all reports, notifications, responses, outcomes, etc.  

Links / Documents

National PREA Resource Center

Land Manor, Inc. Coordinated Response Plan (doc)

Land Manor, Inc. PREA Compliance Report (doc)

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